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farfalle nel paradiso

butterflies in heaven

It's about who you can sit down to a meal with, who you can cry with, whose face you can touch.
19th century literature, a clean room, african-american studies, american studies, ani difranco, animal dreams, asa, awkwardness, barbara kingsolver, baseball, battlestar galactica, baxter, black and white photography, books, brightpirate, cal ripken jr., carey grant, carrie newcomer, casablanca, cheryl wheeler, children's literature, christmas, civil rights, cole porter, colin firth, comfort books, cowboys, crushes on literary characters, cuddling, d.c., dead like me, dogs, doing things allbymyself, eddie izzard, education, ella enchanted, ella fitzgerald, ember swift, ever after, fall, family, firefly, flirting, folk music, frazz, frodo, gelato, gene weingarten, green, gryffindor, gus, hamlet, harry potter, history, hobbits, holidays, honesty, hugs, human sexuality, humphrey bogart, icons, impressionism, invisible man, ireland, italian, italiano, italy, jane austen, joni mitchell, joss whedon, kaylee and simon, keith mars, kids, l'italia, languages, laughing, learning, les mis, logan echolls, lois lowry, lois mcmaster bujold, lonesome dove, long drives going nowhere, lord of the rings, love, mail, malcolm x, margaret atwood, maryland, mashed potatoes, milan, milano, miles vorkosigan, monet, movies, music, musicals, nationals, october, ohio, old movies, orioles, pajamas, patience, photos, piano music, politics, post-season baseball, pride and prejudice, race/gender/class/power, ralph ellison, reading, robert, romantic comedies, samwise, sarcasm, scifi/fantasy, scrubs, serenity, sexual tension, sexuality, shakespeare, sisters, sleeping, snow, spike, spoiler-free, storypeople, summer camp, summer vacation, sunlight, sushi, takoma park, tamora pierce, the philadelphia story, the west wing, thunderstorms, to kill a mockingbird, tracy chapman, trees, trust, veronica mars, viale abruzzi, vorkosigan, walking, wallace fennel, washington d.c., west virginia, women warriors, words